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Our's is a company floated with 25 years of thorough hands on experience in Production, Manufacturing Engineering, CNC Machine Selection / Purchase / upkeep, CNC Machine Selling & After sales service, Application Engineering to establish the right / optimum machining process, establishing critical accuracies in various Auto & Engineering components.

During the tenure for production, Manufacturing engineering, CNC machine purchase, it was a great chance to study and prove the new and innovative manufacturing processes as at that time, the CNC machines were just coming to INDIA and this was a very new technology. This really gave a very great edge to learn and understand the effect of right Workholding technology to be used to get the most economical production.

Over a period of time, the need of particular emphasis on this matter was felt as either the user in India was not aware of the importance of this particular aspect of manufacturing process or the Workholding technology used worldwide was not available for use here in INDIA.


However best any CNC machine might be or the Machine Tool Manufacturers might up-rate and improve its features ensuring Multi Operation Performance or heavy cutting capability to reduce cycle times or automated part handling etc. but its performance is inevitably limited by the capability of the Workholding system.

Over a period of time, there has been an observation for having machine tailored to meet high productivity targets and that too with minimum possible cost of production but the same need was never expressed by users for Workholding which definitely play the same kind of important role.