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Whenever we decide for some Manufacturing Process, our ultimate aim is always fast production & to keep the cost per piece low. This definitely calls for understanding the effect of right Workholding & Tool Holding technology & applying required thought process and working with specialists for deciding the best & optimum WORK HOLDING & TOOL HOLDING to be used to get the FASTEST & MOST ECONOMICAL manufacturing. Hence we have decided to choose our line of work as:

You can be in

  • Automotive Industry dealing with Engine, Transmission, Drive chain components.
  • Engineering Industry manufacturing pump & valve parts or complete units
  • Electric Motor Industry requiring machining of stators, motor bodies, armatures.
  • Aero space industry producing complex parts and high speed turbines or their parts
  • Gear Industry – Manufacturing or inspecting gears.
  • Manufacturing & Selling (or only Selling) the machines for above industry.

We are there to support you for all your work holding & Tool Holding needs to provide you most optimum solution.





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