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To convert a Manual chucking system to power chucking system is generally not only complex but also expensive and troublesome too.

With JATO’s Rotary Power Chuck, this can be done in a very simple and cost effective (Low Cost) manner. This Rotary Power Chuck allows users to easily and quickly set up a Power work holding system and saves cost on purchase of an additional Rotary Cylinder. Rotary Power Chucks come with both Air & Hydraulic options which range from small size to big sizes giving user a wide range to select the right one for him.

Solution ON Vertical Machining Center

We offer various types of Standard Wok Holding Solutions using Collet Chucks & Built in Air Cylinders. This can be very useful to increase your productivity on Vertical Machining Centers. Just to give few standard examples of few of them, we give the images below:

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