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ABBOTT WORKHOLDING Inc. is a pioneer in the areas of Work Holding for CNC Machines - Let it be a CNC Lathe or a CNC Machining Center. We have a special tie up with them for the promotion of their TOOLING COLUMNS (TOMB STONES) for Horizontal machining Centers.

These Tooling Columns are made of a very Special Alloy Material “TENZALOY” which is naturally aged to T-6 Condition. These provide a practical, inexpensive and lightweight means of holding work accurately in a vertical or horizontal plane for CNC machining operations. They can be mounted directly on a machine table/pallet or used in conjunction with a rotary table. Standard Abbott tooling columns are available in multiple configurations built to any height, width and thickness dimensions required for your application. Special Points to be noted about these Columns are:

  • Strong, Rigid & Light Weight
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Custom sizes, configurations to do customs fixturing


Tooling columns

4th Axis / Indever Fixturing

ABBOTT Tooling Column on supplied by us for HMC


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